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Justin and Linda Revealed

We are Justin and Linda Summers, we became “The Summers” on December 12, 2010 and so far we still like each other.  We are both Virginia Tech Alumni, and as such we are semi-obnoxious Tech fans.  We met on campus at New Life Christian Fellowship [nlcf] in the fall of 2006 and started dating in the fall of 2007.  It was just the two of us for about six months until we added Belle (our ferocious feline friend) to our family! Now for the two halves that make the whole…

Justin by Justin:

I am a sports nut. I probably get too wrapped up in sports to be honest, but I guess everybody needs at least one pointless activity to latch onto and sports are definitely mine. I’ll watch or (try to) compete in almost any sport. My favorites are the typical American male favorites, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, MMA and I’m trying to get into cricket and rugby but it’s taking a bit of effort for me to learn all the ins and outs. As far as teams are concerned I’m a huge VT fan (Go Hokies) and I root for the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Orioles. I also can get pretty passionate about religion and politics… which I know aren’t exactly the best topics to blog about. I’m very opinionated and so while I can’t promise to avoid discussing these topics I can promise it will be entertaining. Other than that my biggest interests are travel, being outdoors and weight lifting which are all subjects I hope to write about occasionally.

Justin by Linda:

Justin is many things, my loving husband, explorative mountain goat (meaning if there’s a mountain, he will climb it), dedicated sports fan (as exhibited by his never ending love for the Washington Redskins even though they continue to let him down season after season L ), passionate debater (he is very smart and loves to discuss difficult subjects), and perfectionist (always thinking of some way to improve something, which is mostly good, but sometimes gets him in trouble).  Those subjects on which he is an expert include, sports (any sport seriously he knows way too many facts), weight lifting (he keeps trying to get me involved and I won’t have it J ), and how the world should run (this, of course, refers to his expertise on religion, politics and the like).  Even though we don’t always agree, he always makes me smile and I respect his opinions and how he got to them and hopefully you will too! 

Linda by Linda:

I have received the nickname “mom” from many of my friends.  This is because I am always the one reminding them it’s cold outside and they need a coat or they should probably put that stained shirt in the wash right away, and most of my interests are domestic in nature.  I love cooking, baking, eating, decorating, gardening, and making everything as “homemade” as possible.  I am also very interested in wedding/event/party planning and would love to have it be my career someday.  Also, if you mention my name to anyone who knows me and ask “who is she?”  They will most likely answer, “Linda? She’s the Disney Girl!”  I am a tad bit obsessed with Disney.  It’s a healthy obsession I promise, but don’t be surprised if that affinity for Disney crops up in my writings (I mean my cat is named after my favorite Disney character so… there ya go).  Anyway, I hope you get something out of what I write and I hope to hear lots of feedback from all of you!  Happy reading!

Linda by Justin

I should start by saying that Linda (like all wives) is always right so if you are reading anything she writes and think to yourself “I wonder if that is true?” the answer is that YES it is true. I kid, I kid, but Linda is without a doubt awesome, ask anyone who knows her and they will agree. Linda’s motherly nature is a result of how much she cares about people and the best part of it is that she is not only a caring person but she is good at caring about you. I mean I care about people, I really do, but it doesn’t always manifest itself well. Linda cares about people and has an amazing ability to express it in a meaningful and heartfelt way. Aside from that Linda should be your go to person for any questions about Disney. Do you want to know what color Tinkerbell’s eyes are? Probably not, but if so, ask Linda. She knows. On a more serious note if you ever want to take a trip to central Florida mention it here and she will set you up. On a more personal note Linda is my best friend and the coolest person I know, plus she has awesome dance moves.  The most exciting thing about my life is that I’ll get to spend it with her and one of the most exciting things about your life is that you can read our thoughts here.